DELTA Codecamp

DELTA CodeCamp 1.0

Hackathon is an event where participants come together and build a product which solve some problem.

In this sad reality of 21st century where humans are getting occupied by devices which are getting smarter day by day, a new revolution in technology can bring a wide change in daily lifestyle of a person either that change can be positive or negative. We can’t bring a technological revolution by snapping fingers but by using fingers in a keyboard just to do a complicated yet productive task called “CODING”. Generally coding is all about sitting in a chair day and night, looking into computer screen, probably drinking too much of coffee, triggering mind and writing a non-natural “Programming” language for a different kind of revolution in Information Technology. 

DELTA formulates a platform for those young minds who can combine coffee and their idea into complicated communication with computers to develop a hack for electronic devices. We are organizing DELTA CODECAMP under the grand event of DELTA where programmers can fulfill the task given within the limited amount of time.

Program Details => Codecamp Rulebook

Registration Deadline=> Ashadh 10

Entry Fee: Nrs 3,000\-

For more info

contact=> Pradeep Dahal – 9862672724

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