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Welcome to Delta 4.0!

Welcome to Delta, an organization fueled by the passion and ingenuity of engineering students at Purwanchal Campus in Dharan, Sunsari. Established as a collaborative effort by students from seven diverse faculties—Agricultural, Architecture, Computer, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Information & Communication, and Mechanical—Delta stands as a testament to the power of unity in education.

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Our Mission

At Delta, we go beyond the traditional boundaries of education. Each faculty boasts its own society, driven by students with a shared goal: to provide training beyond the standard curriculum. This training equips students with skills essential for success in their respective fields. Led by seniors and industry experts, these sessions offer practical insights and real-world knowledge to the next generation of engineers.

Delta: An Umbrella of Excellence

Delta is more than an organization; it's an umbrella that shelters seven distinct societies, each representing a faculty at Purwanchal Campus. These societies form the backbone of Delta, and their representatives play crucial roles in the organization's dynamic and collaborative organizing committee.

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Delta Photo
Annual Transformation

Every year, Delta undergoes a transformation, marked by a change in nomenclature from Delta3.0 to Delta4.0. This evolution signifies our commitment to progress and innovation. Last year, under the theme of "Sustainable Modern Agriculture," Delta3.0 hosted a grand National Technological Event, setting the stage for an annual tradition of exploration and advancement.

Events that Define Excellence

In our main events, we bring together all seven faculties for competitions that challenge the boundaries of innovation and creativity. From Software Hackathons to Popsicles Bridge Competitions, each event is a testament to the diverse talents within our organization. Our dedication to fostering creativity extends to pre-events like Delta Champs, designed to engage school and +2 level students in art, speech, quiz contests, and more.

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Delta Photo
Training for Success

Delta is not just an event organizer; it's a training ground. We believe in nurturing talent by inviting experts to provide specialized training to our students. This commitment extends to pre-events, where participants are immersed in three days of creative and technological activities.

Get Ready for the Ultimate Technical Adventure!

Join us on our journey of growth, collaboration, and excellence. Delta is more than an organization; it's a community dedicated to shaping the future of engineering.

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